Terms & Conditions

By using our services, the customer agrees to the following:

  • Our promise is to handle all of your items with the utmost care, however, we are not responsible for changes such as fading and minor shrinking that can occur during the normal laundry process.
    Taking care of your items is our top priority. However, if damaged items are found:
    Notification should be made within 24 hours of discovery of the damage and no longer than 3 days after delivery.
  • Atomic Laundry & Dry Cleaners is not responsible for damage done as part of the normal cleaning process such as buttons falling off.
  • Atomic Laundry & Dry Cleaners is not responsible for damage to garments caused by items left in the pockets. We will check the pockets and return any items found, but should something get missed, the customer is ultimately responsible for damage caused by items left in pockets.
  • Damage that occurs as part of the normal washing and drying process that would have otherwise occurred should customer have used a laundry machine themselves is not covered by Atomic Laundry.
  • Lost item claims will be reviewed as soon as reported. Atomic Laundry & Dry Cleaners does not inventory articles of clothing as part of the laundering process and therefore cannot account for individual items.
  • For the safety and health of our employees, clothing saturated with animal urine or feces cannot be accepted.
  • Clothing that cannot be handled safely by our employees or within the regulatory framework outined by local governing bodies cannot be accepted (clothing with sharp edges, excessive biofluids, hazardous chemicals, etc.)
  • Atomic Laundry & Dry Cleaners is not responsible for the care of laundry once delivery has been made. We will place laundry at any location the customer has designated for us to do so.
  • All customers who have Net 15 or Net 30 terms with Atomic Laundry will incur a 6% monthly interest charge for unpaid balances. Net 15 or Net 30 is only extended to customers with contract. All other balances are due upon receipt and the credit card on file will be charged as work is completed.
  • Unpaid balances will incur a 2% daily interest charge for non-payment if no contract is in place.
  • Large orders of greater than $500 in work will require payment up front.
  • For customers not governed by a contract, by agreeing to these terms of service you agree to the charges associated with your service being charged to the credit card on file. Your account will be charged before each service and service will not be completed until a valid credit card is able to be charged. Your pricing is outlined in the pricing tab when you login to our website.
  • Customers are notified of an invalid credit card immediately upon attempting to charge the card on file.
  • Accounts with cards on file that are attempted and declined will incur a $5 administrative charge for payment processing. We recommend adding our company to the approved vendors list to avoid processing fees.
  • Disputed Credit Card Fees can result in up to a $150 fee from our merchant, which will be passed on to the customer should the dispute remain in place. Atomic Laundry & Dry Cleaners partners with major debt collection agencies to recoup disputed fees.
  • As our routing structure places us in certain areas of the city on specific days, payment information that does not go through or invalid credit cards on file will result in a delay in delivery of up to 2 business days and service interruption until a valid card is placed on file.
  • Pickup and Delivery Rates may increase periodically and customer pricing is updated based upon new pricing structure. Customer rates are published in the web app and on invoices sent out. Introductory rate may change as required by business conditions.