We cater to Senior Living Facilities, Restaurants, Spas, Physicians offices, Physical Therapy offices and many more.

Commercial laundry and dry cleaning services are provided by Atomic Laundry. We offer: one-time, short-term and recurring laundry pick-up for your business. We wash, fold, and deliver clean laundry right to your facility! Linens, towels, tablecloths, rugs, napkins, uniforms, and more are all laundered by us.

Laundry maintenance shouldn’t consume all of your time. To free up your time to prioritize your family, career, or other obligations, Atomic Laundry offers laundry pick and drop off. Our private laundry facility offers wash and fold and dry cleaning services.

Install the app

By using the app, you may arrange for your wash and fold pick up. On a day that works for you, we pick up. We’ll add you to the schedule after you place your order.

Your Items

Place your laundry at the designated place, and we will pick it up. You will receive text notifications on the status and the delivery dates as the process progresses.

Personal Requests

We wash or dry clean your items in accordance with your instructions, making sure you receive the best service possible.

Delivery of Items

On the day of the planned delivery, your laundry will be dropped off at the agreed-upon location, and your account will be automatically charged to the card on file.